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Scenery along the hike
13 March 2018

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No Dumping
26 October 2017

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Interesting flower
21 October 2017

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Well hello there...
19 October 2017

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21 March 2015

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Enchanted Rock trail
bien cette source

dik on August Vacation in Colorado
Doing fine, hope you are too.

Existence Artistique on August Vacation in Colorado

Steven on August Vacation in Colorado
Splendid view captured here!

Existence Artistique on Calf and mom

dik on Feather along the trail
Very poetic.

Existence Artistique on Feather along the trail
bien plumé

Steven on Feather along the trail
Quite a long feather that you found here. Great capture!!

omid on Scenery along the hike
Amazing view.

Steven on Scenery along the hike
A great composition with eye-catching elements in the background and foreground!! My prickly pear cactus is perking up ...

Existence Artistique on Scenery along the hike

Steven on Happy Valentine's Day!
Perfect form in this cactus so appropriate for this day!!

Steven on My Dog Max
Great capture of Max with those twinkling eyes!!

B. Thomas on My Dog Max
Sweet face!

Existence Artistique on My Dog Max

franz on Still Alive
Well framed capture of this sturdy tree hanging on to life ...

Steven on Heart Ivy
A splendid find in a dreary landscape!!

omid on Oxidized
such beautiful frame, colors & textures! Lovely!

omid on Inspirational or something
such beautiful angle & composition! Amazing shot!

Steven on Inspirational or something
Aim high!! Great title to this excellent minimalistic composition!!

Steven on Neighbor's Statue
Great mix of light and shadow in this composition!!

Steven on No Dumping
An eye-catching cover for the stormwater drain! I would have rotated the image though. :-)

Existence Artistique on No Dumping

Olivier on My favorite tree
superb light on the tree

Steven on Interesting flower
Incredible flower with its great color and eye-catching forms!! I agree with you assessment.

Babzy on Well hello there...

Steven on Well hello there...
What an adorable capture!! Glad to see you back!

Blikvanger on Well hello there...
Great shot!

omid on Well hello there...
Hi ! :) ... very nice portrait! Lovely!

Steven on Afternoon at the park
A nice tranquil oasis with beautiful reflections!!

dik on Day at the park
Nice one.

L'Angevine on Day at the park

L'Angevine on Interesting wildlife

Steven on Half green trees half bare trees
An interesting half-and-half composition here!!

omid on Happy Donkey
:)))) Lovely portrait!

omid on Half green trees half bare trees
:) A M A Z I N G !

L'Angevine on Half green trees half bare trees

Steven on Field of Broken Dreams
An interesting find that reminds me all too well of a tornado-ravaged neighborhood my brother lived in back in 2008.

L'Angevine on Field of Broken Dreams
oh excellent

dik on Happy Donkey
He is beautiful. Nice portrait!

L'Angevine on Happy Donkey
Splendide photo

Steven on Happy Donkey
Beautiful detail and light captured in this shot!!

L'Angevine on Noble Dog Max

L'Angevine on Dog in the creek

Lewis on Dog in the creek
Great moment of the playful dog, I like the colours in this photo.

L'Angevine on Standing out in the crowd
une connexion parfaite entre l'esprit de cette recherche...

L'Angevine on Afternoon park trail
oh très intéressante recherche

L'Angevine on Ivy Tree

omid on They paved paradise and put up a parking lot
Lovely flowers! Lovely colors!

Ehsan Hemmati on Texas Redbud Tree
Full of life and beauty.

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